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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

My VBAC clients have a 97% success rate! My VBA2C clients have a 100% success rate!

Your last birth may have resulted in a cesarean section but that does not mean this pregnancy has to end in a repeat cesarean.

 It's the woman's choice to birth vaginally or to choose an elective repeat cesarean.  

We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Women who previously had a cesarean should go through labor and have a vaginal birth but unfortunately some medical professionals are all too willing to grant a request from a patient for a repeat cesarean even when most of the time the repeat cesarean is not medically necessary.

The fact you had a previous cesarean is not a medically necessary reason by itself to have a repeat cesarean.

Over twenty years of medical research on thousands of women have led the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to agree that in the absence of a specific reason for cesarean section, the routine policy for women with prior cesareans should be labor.

The United States is the only country where VBAC isn't the norm. An alarming number of women who had a prior cesarean are having a repeat cesarean most of which do not have a medical reason to do so.

To reduce our very high and annually increasing cesarean rate now with a national average of 33%, VBAC must be a viable option for all women in all birth settings. Fortunately, here in the Maryland area you do have choices! It is important to do research to figure out if you are a candidate for VBAC (which most women are), to understand why any OB might be recommending Repeat Cesarean Section (RCS) and to make sure it is truly medically necessary, to find a provider who believes in you, is willing to work with you and answer your questions with respect for your opinion and who has a high VBAC success rate!

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