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Childbirth Classes

”If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.” ~ Diana Korte

Summer/Fall Private Classes

In Your Home

Natural Birth Prep

Complete Series

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Select Your Class:

  • 1st Baby Natural Birth Prep - private classes in your home (2 sessions - 5 hours total)

  • VBAC Natural Birth Prep - private classes in your home (2 sessions - 5 hours total)

  • Birthing Again Natural Birth Prep - private classes in your home (2 sessions - 5 hours total)

  • Homebirth Natural Birth Prep - private classes in your home (2 sessions - 5 hours total)

Childbirth classes provide you with the essential tools to navigate your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. In our fast-paced and busy lives, we often spend less time together as a community supporting each other. With group childbirth classes, you will learn from and gain support from fellow birthing couples just like you! This natural birth prep program will provide everything you need to prepare for the birth you hope for and get ready to welcome your baby into the world!

Our birth prep program prepares women for a natural birth experience while also preparing them for variations in labor that might require medications, interventions and even a surgical birth (cesarean). We also want women and their partners to feel confident in the woman's ability to birth normally most of the time. Birth might not always go as you plan it to, but with these classes, you will learn to trust that you can still persevere through it with your chosen birth team. You will leave these classes feeling empowered and full of knowledge to welcome your new baby into your arms!

My Natural Birth Prep program covers the following:

  • How to shorten your labor time,

  • How to lessen the intensity of labor,

  • Relaxation/breathing exercises, pressure points, comfort measures and massage techniques,

  • Nutrition information to benefit you during pregnancy and beyond, exercise, posture in pregnancy

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning including hands-on demonstrations and learning prenatal anatomy

  • Discussing your choices of where to give birth (hospital, birth center, home),

  • Discussing your choices of your supportive birth team (obstetrician, midwife, doula),

  • Helping you find the right birth place and birth attendants for you!

  • Assistance writing a birth plan so your birth team will know your wishes during labor and how you want your baby to be cared for after the delivery,

  • Learning effective positions to labor in,

  • Learning effective pushing positions for 2nd stage labor,

  • Thorough education on medical interventions, including the ability to see each intervention and how it is used,

  • Discussion on the various medications offered in labor and their risks and benefits

  • How variations of labor may arise and how to deal with complications,

  • How to avoid an unnecessary episiotomy and cesarean section,

  • How to prepare for a cesarean if you should need one,

  • Breastfeeding benefits and education, as well as newborn and postpartum care info,

  • DVD and Video-enriched classes

  • Labor rehearsals with hands-on practice

  • A resource for students to keep to assist them in labor

  • How to trust your body and the natural process of labor to have

  • the safest birth for mother and baby possible!

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