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  Childbirth Classes and Doula Services

I want to walk with you on your journey in childbirth. Contact me today!

Celebrating 16 Years!

Birth & Babies Photo Gallery

Chrissy's Birth Chrissy's Birth Jake supporting Chrissy through active labor 110704365 Applying back pressure in hands and knees... 110704358 Jake holding Chrissy during transition... 110704364 She moved to the tub for 2nd stage... 110704359 Squatting helped move her baby down... 110704360 Standing during pushing, too... 110704363 He was born in the caul.... The amniotic sac was still intact and the midwife broke it after birth... 110704368 Baby Brody went straight to Chrissy's chest... 110704362 New family plus one more! 110704366 Proud father... 110704357 Loving mother... 110704361 Jessica holding Baby Brody with Chrissy... 110704367