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    The VBAC Doula

VBAC Success!!!

- Baby Boy Dominic - VBA2C at AAMC in Annapolis, MD

- Baby Boy Harrison - VBA2C at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD

- Baby Girl Koi - VBA2C at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD

- Baby Girl Annalise - VBAC at AAMC in Annapolis, MD

Are you next? Let's plan your VBAC birth today!

Comprehensive birth prep to prepare for natural birth and birth doula support services for pregnant women.

Serving pregnant women for over 16 years!


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Anne Arundel County

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Carroll County

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"Jessica is a wonderful resource not only to childbearing

women but also to those who educate them.

If you can get into one of Jessica's classes and/or hire her as

your doula, you will absolutely, without a doubt have a better

experience, no matter the outcome of the birth."

~ Sheila Patton, DC Metro area Bradley Instructor and

a doula client of Jessica's

Doula Client Availability

Spring/Summer/Fall 2022

Email today to sign up!

VBACs, first time moms, birthing again moms, homebirth, hospital birth, midwife, OB, birth center birth, no matter your situation and where you want to birth, I'll come to you!

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